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Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy

Integrating companies and sales teams into an investment portfolio requires fast and decisive planning and execution. Managing the transition without impacting deal-flow can be a challenge.  It requires experienced sales executives to assess, build, and deliver a plan that meets the goals and objectives for the investment.

Mansfield works with Private Equity Firms and Investment teams to dive in and quickly understand the existing sales environment. We assess the teams, tools, process and goals and design and implement plans to maximize growth and accelerate valuation improvement. We can build a standardized integration process for all new portfolio companies, or we can handle each company on a case-by-case basis. Either way, we introduce consistency, measurement, management, and systems that clarify the fastest path to success.

We work with the leadership teams at the investment firms and inside the portfolio companies to align the company goals with the sales plan. We then create, implement and deliver on the team, tools, and results needed to achieve those goals. We understand that things move fast in this world, and we are here to help maximize the return on these critical investments.

Mansfield filled multiple roles as we transitioned our sales team, our messaging and our lead generation activities to accommodate these important changes. I highly recommend Mansfield for transitional sales and business development activities.


Kevin Mandia, Mandiant


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