How to Capture Leads and Close Sales ebookHow well does your team know the basics? Having a firm understanding of how to capture leads and move them through the pipeline is critical to your business's success. But finding the time to get every new hire on the same page is difficult. 

That's why we created this easy to understand and streamlined guide that outlines the sales cycle from start to finish. 

This eBook details how to take a lead from the marketing to sales and provides a step-by-step guide for moving a lead through the pipeline, allowing you to strengthen your team in less time and improve the efficiency of your team.

Your team will learn how to:

  1. Fill the sales funnel
  2. Segment and screen leads
  3. Research high priority leads
  4. Make an effective first impression
  5. Prepare for first appointment
  6. Follow-up 
  7. Overcome objections
  8. Close the sale



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