We Are Mansfield Sales Partners.

Our Story

Mansfield Sales Partners started with one idea: A company, no matter its size, should be able to test and adjust its strategy for growth.

When we started, we primarily worked with recently funded tech startups. We helped them go to market with a high-level sales strategy. Since 2006, Mansfield has helped hundreds of companies from around the world navigate the complex terrain of rapid revenue growth and set up a sales strategy for a sustainable and predictable revenue stream. Now, our team builds, tests, and implements scalable sales strategies for businesses from startups to large corporations.

Meet the Leadership Team

Greg Dunne
Founder & CEO

Using his executive sales management and sales consulting expertise, Greg helps companies from around the world design, test and implement sales strategies for rapid and sustainable growth.

Jennifer Hunt
Executive Vice President & COO

Jennifer helps clients build the processes and sales operations infrastructure needed to manage and measure growing sales teams. She also manages all internal operations for Mansfield, improving internal processes, managing sales teams, and acting as a primary communications channel for clients.

Justin Gramajo
Vice President of Sales

Justin works closely with clients to develop and strengthen sales strategies and messaging, build brand recognition, develop a strong pipeline, and increase revenue. 

Eileen Sciarra
Vice President of Strategic Accounts

Eileen’s sales experience and relationships in the technology community allows her to help clients evaluate their needs and find comprehensive solutions that align with their business objectives.

Michael Magno
Director of Inside Sales

Mike leads Mansfield’s robust inside sales force and works to ensure each representative is well equipped to test, measure and improve our client’s lead generation strategies.

Greg Rosa
Director of Business Development

Greg brings more than a decade of sales experience to the team and works one-on-one with clients and prospects to establish a holistic and energized sales strategy to fit their unique business goals.

Meet Our Partners

Brian Gosselin

Brian, currently VP of engineering at Kronos, has over two decades of leadership experience in organizations in a wide range of industries, including technology, software, manufacturing, and energy.


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