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The Key to an Effective Cybersecurity Sales Strategy

At its most basic, a sales strategy is all about demonstrating to your market that your product or service can fulfil a need. And yet, even when your product is good and the need is urgent, there are numerous reasons why a potential customer may walk away. Among them, is simply a breakdown in effective communication.

What Tech Startups Get Wrong About Sales

When I talk with founders and CEOs of tech startups, they often believe that a single person can perform and manage all aspects of the sales process. In most cases, that is wrong. As soon as possible, you want to create a sales organization, not a department of one.

Is Your Strategy Still Working? How to Drive Year-End Sales

Sales cycles can vary considerably from company to company. For some companies, the sales cycle is three months, while for others, it may be more like six to nine months or more. If the numbers are not where they should be going into Q4, now is probably not the time to rely on new top-of-the-funnel strategies. To accelerate your sales before the end of the year, you need to consider a shift in focus, one that involves maximizing your conversion rates for deals already in the pipeline.

Startups: Are You Really Selling Value?

You’ve heard it a million times: Sell solutions, not features. It’s at the core of consultative selling, value selling, and spin selling. There is no shortage of experts, books and classes professing its importance.

Common Startup Sales Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When building your business from the ground up, you're bound to make mistakes. It's human nature. Luckily, many have come before you and you can learn from their past missteps. When working with young businesses, I love finding new ways to help them avoid making the same mistakes I’ve witnessed before and set them on a rapid path to success.

The New CISO: Handling Threats and Finding Solutions

The role of a chief information security officer is constantly evolving – and so is the digital landscape and the potential for threats to data security. Ensuring data security day in and day out can feel like walking a tightrope while net sellers below keep trying to nab your attention. In other words, it’s a big responsibility.

Technology Sales Consultants: Advice for Post-Funded Startups

Who would have thought that technology sales and a show like HBO's Silicon Valley could go hand in hand? For the uninitiated, Silicon Valley centers on Pied Piper, a startup that can’t get its act together amidst a series of dramatic highs and lows. The show is meant to be watched with some suspension of disbelief—you have to laugh at Silicon’s satirized depictions of VCs, a hacker hostel, a Google-esque tech goliath, and the stereotypical startup employees themselves.

Minding Your Manners in Technology Sales: 25 Rules for Salespeople

We’re living in the age of information access. In technology sales, as in all markets, customers can shop solutions and research partners almost entirely on their own. They can browse online reviews, solicit opinions within their social networks... Often, they can watch a product demo without so much as a “hello” to a member of your sales team. This shift toward greater information parity has its upsides and challenges.

Successful Market Penetration Starts with Doing the Math

Super Bowl 50 was a match-up that fans had never seen before: the 2015 Panthers versus the 2015 Broncos. While both these teams boast proven formulas for success, their approaches to a first-time contest in San Francisco would be largely untested… which is not to say uninformed.

Ask Around: Why Sales Questions Should Go Both Ways

There are hundreds of sales questions a good salesperson might ask in trying to understand a prospective buyer—questions to establish core challenges, get a sense of budget, gauge the level of urgency, etc. But salespeople aren’t the only ones who should be vetting contacts by asking questions up front.


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