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The New CISO: Handling Threats and Finding Solutions

The role of a chief information security officer is constantly evolving – and so is the digital landscape and the potential for threats to data security. Ensuring data security day in and day out can feel like walking a tightrope while net sellers below keep trying to nab your attention. In other words, it’s a big responsibility.

Here are a few of the challenges a typical CISO might expect to face in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Staying on Top of the Latest Threats

The amount of data CISOs deal with on a daily basis is growing. Because of cloud-based services and software, the data companies need to protect extends well beyond any owned physical infrastructure.

This makes finding security gaps and potential threats that much more difficult. In addition, there’s an increased risk of cybergroups infiltrating your organization. For this reason, CISOs must consider new countermeasures.

Difficulty Aligning with Business Goals

CISOs strive to perform their duties within the parameters of their organization's objectives. However, this can place CISOs at odds with board members who feel that a certain amount of security risk is acceptable. Especially, when the costs of protecting against risk seems high.

Board members also want to see metrics around cyber security. After all, the need to justify the investments made. Often, though, they aren't well versed in cyber security and information security solutions. Which can make them unaware of what makes a metric meaningful.

Saturated Vendor Market

It seems that as fast as new threats pop up, there are as many new vendors offering solutions. CISOs are busy trying to cut the time between discovering a cyber attack, identifying the nature of the attack, and recovering from it. This makes the process of evaluating vendors and solutions sometimes difficult. Any potential solution must be a good fit for the specific needs of the business. But CISOs are drowning in vendor solutions and are pressed to find time to evaluate each one.

A Collaborative Solution

That's where the Thought Leadership Council by Mansfield comes in. Through partnerships with leading companies, the council brings your organization cutting edge information security solutions. It coordinates and shares concerns, ideas, and feedback from the entire CISO community. It vets prospective vendors for you with strict due diligence. Only vendors that provide excellent value to the council’s members will have a seat at the table.

When you become a member of the Thought Leadership Council by Mansfield, you'll join a community that shares valuable insight and information. Together, we will work to re-imagine the dynamic between buyers and vendors. Our council will encourage an important evolution in the information security market place. 

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