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How a Change Agenda Can Drive Your Sales Strategy

Working for a sales organization that is struggling to achieve its goals and objectives can lead to low morale and high turnover which are indicators that it’s time for a change. Change is hard, but being agile especially in sales is a key to long-term success. To start encouraging small organizational shifts, conduct a root cause analysis and map out new, innovative solutions. Once the analysis is complete, developing a change agenda is pivotal to guiding your sales professionals in the right direction. Let’s further explore how a change agenda can drive your re-energized sales strategy.

Understanding a Change Agenda
A change agenda is a framework designed to assess the current state of an organization and to project desired future conditions. During the process, the business is tasked with outlining the issues it faces and discussing key change/performance measurements that need close attention in order to execute a successful strategy.

Change agendas are an excellent tool to define and drive a new sales strategy. Consider what needs to shift in your offerings, culture and team dynamics to contribute to increased sales. Next, assess the business, envision where you want it to be and then outline how your sales team plans on getting there. Designing an accelerated sales strategy will shift the focus from incremental growth to strategic growth. With a solid, strategic plan, your organization will thrive instead of just survive.

Next Steps
With your change agenda in-hand, it’s time to communicate the plan to your sales professionals. Clearly explain their role in executing the new strategies. Once each team member understands how they add value, they’ll feel invigorated and motivated to reach new goals. Remember, it is crucial that managers lead with honesty and consistency for success.

Once roles and responsibilities have been communicated, find fun, creative ways to incentivize your team. Create an environment where your employees not only enjoy what they’re doing, but also believe in how they’re doing it. Try to avoid strategic planning sessions with fancy PowerPoints that are ultimately placed in a binder and collect dust. Emphasize that changes are necessary for the future success of the business and how everyone plays a vital role in bringing new strategies to life. Also, make sure that your chosen tactics align with the culture of your organization. Consider core values and how you can harness them to effectively drive change.

Outside Support
In many instances it can take more than a change agenda to have a lasting impact on an organization’s sales results. That’s when hiring an outside sales consulting firm is important. To keep the momentum going, consider joining forces with outside sales professionals who can share unique perspectives throughout the change agenda process and also strategize the best ways to implement any shifts.

Are you unsure of how to develop and implement a change agenda? We understand the process can seem daunting so Mansfield Sales Partners is here for support. We’ll help you figure out how to leverage your current sales procedures, as well as make changes that deliver. Contact us to speak to one of our outside sales professionals.

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