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Does Your Company Need a Sales Strategy Tune-Up?

Let's assume that you already have a sales strategy, and that it's working, but what happens to your strategy when you enter a new market, release a new product, or new technology comes around? There are a lot of things that can force you to change your sales strategy.

When you expand your business to include a new market or launch a new product there are a couple of questions you need to be asking yourself: Are you equipped to handle a new market or product launch? Do you have enough personnel? Are your sales people adequately trained? What are the best ways to reach your new market, or showcase your new product? And most importantly, how will this change impact your overall sales strategy.

New technology can also throw a wrench into your sales strategy. Sometimes new technologies can be easily rolled into your sales plan, but sometimes they are game changers and can mean your sales people need more training and your sales plan needs an overhaul.

You should be reviewing, analyzing, and tweaking your sales strategy on a regular basis, but sometimes you need to make large scale changes and that can be daunting. It is especially overwhelming when your time and resources are already being stretched by a new product launch or market entry. Working with a sales consulting firm can help you pick up some or all of that slack. Mansfield Sales Partners can develop or review your sales strategy, provide a seasoned sales force, and give any new or existing sales effort a jump-start on the right track.  Contact us today to find out how we can get you on the right track.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in December 2012 and has been updated for accuracy and relevancy.

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