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How Many Lead Generation Tactics Are You Using?

Marketing Sherpa recently published a new Marketing Research Chart: Most Widely Used Lead Gen Tactics which polled organizations on what lead generation tactics they were using. With 81% of organizations polled using email marketing,  75% using search engine optimization (SEO) , and 72% using social media for lead generation is seems that the promise of inbound marketing is being realized and embraced.

But greater acceptance of inbound marketing tactics can be a double edged sword. As more organizations embrace the marketing potential of the internet, more consumers are becoming familiar with inbound marketing tactics, and so the bar of excellence is pushed ever higher. Consumers are less and less satisfied with minimal effort and have come to expect truly valuable content, useful offers, and user friendly website design.  As consumers and organizations get more comfortable with the idea of using the internet as a marketing tool, the more the margin of error is going to shrink.

So, what is the take away?

It's time to step  up your game. If  you aren't already investing in online marketing, it's time to start. If you find yourself short of time, personnel, or energy to jump into a new marketing outlet maybe it's time to consider sales outsourcing. With outsourcing you could free up internal personnel to explore inbound marketing tactics and channels, while reaping the benefits of a dedicated outsourced sales team. Whatever path your chose to take, it's time to start taking your inbound marketing for lead generation tactics seriously.

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