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Selling to Americans: The Hurdles of Entering the U.S. Market

When international companies decide it's time to expand into the U.S. and begin selling to Americans, they often face some daunting challenges. Establishing physical offices/locations, hiring personnel, and developing sales and marketing plans designed for your new market are just a few of the challenges international businesses face.

These challenges are further complicated as soon as you start to relocate key business personnel because VISA restrictions and immigration laws can be complicated and confusing. Basic services, like phone, gas, and bank accounts, often require the person opening  an account to have an established U.S. credit history. This can be a problem for relocated personnel and, when trusting an employee to do things like opening a line of credit, can be hard responsibilities to settle on a new hires shoulders.

Simply making a new hire in the U.S. can be difficult as well.  Just creating a job posting to advertise an opening can present hurdles because job postings are considered a legal document  and have to adhere to strict U.S. anti-discrimination laws. U.S. benefits, competitive salaries, and the complex Federal, State, and Local hiring laws all have to be navigated before you can start staffing your U.S. venture. And, even after you've done your research and are ready to hire, you stiff have to go through the exhausting and expensive process of interviewing and hiring itself.

With so many hurdles to staffing in the U.S. as an international company looking to break into the U.S. market and begin selling to Americans, it's no wonder so many companies decide to work with a sales advisory firm.  By taking advantage of an experienced sales force already made up of Americans, parterning with an advisory firm is often the quickest and most cost-effective way to begin selling to Americans.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in September 2012 and has been updated for accuracy and relevancy.

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