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Quick Tips For Sales Acceleration

Trying to accelerate sales can be tough. You don't even have to come up with a completely new game plan to accelerate sales. Using these five simple strategies you can increase sales:

1. Sell "Value"

Focusing your sales pitches on short term value helps people justify buying what you are offering, even in an economic climate of decline. Trying to market a product or service that isn't necessary in a time when people are trying to cut costs is incredibly difficult. A product or service that offers more immediate value, however, is a lot easier to sell.  Make sure your value is experessed in the terms that your target audience uses to describe their business issues and business goals.

2. Become a Resource

Building trust is key to accelerating sales, especially in a down economy. If you can be a source of valuable information and content, your prospects trust in you will increase. Developing trust and relationships with your prospects will greatly increase the likelihood of a sale.   Trust can be built through credibility generated from publishing relevant content, being active and helpful using social media, networking and generating referrals, giving impactful referrals, along with many other non-traditional sales activities.

3. Personalize

Instead of relying on mass email newsletters, mailing campaigns, or newsletters add an element of personalization to your interactions with prospects. A brief phone call from a sales person could be the key to landing a sale. Personalized contact allows prospects to go from seeing you as a faceless organization to seeing your sales team and company as real people.

4. Follow Through

Sometimes prospects don't convert to sales the first, second, or third time you reach out to them, and it can be easy to let these prospects disappear from your radar. Lead nurturing emails, a phone call, or any other way of interacting with your prospects keeps you in front of them and increases your chances of moving forward with the sale.  Make sure you set up your sales process in your CRM to allow for regular and value added re-connecting touches with your contacts.

5. Qualify Your Leads

There are a lot of ways to qualify your leads, but the bottom line is that working with qualified leads saves time, and ultimately increases your campaign ROI. Instead of wasting your top salespersons time with cold calling to unqualified leads, find a way to bring them leads with a higher chance of converting to sales.

For many companies the answer to sales growth is working with a sales advisory firm.  By partnering with an advisory firm you will lower your risks and increase your ROI of sales investments, receive assistance in training and lower turnover costs, free up your resources to focus on what you do best, develop a streamlined complete sales process and our industry experts and experience open doors otherwise unavailable to you.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2012 and has been updated for accuracy and relevancy.

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