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4 Keys to a Successful B2B Inside Sales Team

You're building a b2b inside sales team to improve overall sales performance or expand into new opportunities. Where should you start, and what are the possible pitfalls?

Quality of Employee

When recruiting for B2B inside sales professionals, most call centers hire entry level applicants. Turnover is high and the ramp time to be a high volume producer is quite long. Hiring seasoned sales professionals with years of executive level sales experience is what sets the truly successful inside sales organizations apart. Build a dynamic team that will reduce attrition and offer consistency and high levels of service to your clients.

Strategic Account Mapping

Strictly adhering to a call list is not enough these days to be a leading telesales organization. Companies that use other means of researching an organization are the ones that achieve higher levels of performance. The typical trend is to simply move down the call list to the next contact. If you provide research tools to your team and set expectations that they will dig deeper into an account, the results will speak for themselves, increased meeting volume and  higher quality of meetings that will lead to more revenue while increasing efficiency. Tools including marketing automation, contact management and CRM are readily available to support your team.

Industry Focus

It's difficult to be a quality solution provider in telesales if you spread your industry coverage too thin. Variety of industry is of course necessary, but the organizations that stand out are those that specialize. For example, you wouldn’t want a company known for selling retail based products to be your appointment setting partner when you focus on C-level executive in High Tech. It requires a different focus and a different level of sophistication to reach these executives, and experience certainly counts.


Any telesales engagement requires a commitment from both sides to understand and clearly define expectations. Open lines of communication between clients and sales support is critical if the relationship is to be successful. The inside sales company should be proactive more than reactive to be able to adjust messaging, change value propositions, re-focus on industry targets, etc. As a critical component of an organizations sales operations, the inside sales company shouldn't wait to be told what to do. They should consult and advise as to what they see and hear from the field and quickly get that information into the hands of their clients.

Following these guidelines should help you build a more effective inside sales team and accomplish the business goals of your sales strategy. A piecemeal, reactive approach is far less likely to succeed.

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