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How Will Mobile Impact B2B Lead Generation?

In a recent survey by Forbes Insights, 73% of C-Suite executives use their smartphone as their primary communication device. How can modern sales and marketing teams adapt to this new mobile world to generate sales leads effectively?

Where the C-Suite Lives

If you believe in "fishing where the fish are", B2B sales and marketing strategies must be adapted to the new mobile reality. B2B Lead Generation and telesales teams will find it increasingly difficult to contact decision makers via their traditional channels. Calling a business number and expecting to make a live connection is rapidly becoming an anachronism. If you don't know an executive well enough to get on his or her mobile speed-dial list, your chances of getting through are slim at best.

Since direct access to C-Suite mobile devices is challenging at best, what other strategies can inside sales teams employ to make a connection? Let's start by thinking about what people are doing with smartphones. Chances are, they are moving between meetings inside and outside the office or in transit between home and work. They are browsing for information or perhaps catching up on work via mobile apps. We can start to get their attention by thinking small, for example:

  • Mobile websites designed with the small footprint of mobile phones in mind
  • Mobile content that loads quickly, is easy to read and doesn't take long to complete and understand
  • Photos, videos and podcasts that can be viewed quickly or even consumed while driving (in the case of podcasts)
  • Mobile apps with a well-defined function that would appeal to a C-Suite executive, for example real-time news and quotes for a specific industry

Change is Good

A good first step is building a mobile website that boils down your business message to its essence, delivers your unique value proposation in a compact way and makes it easy for interested parties to contact you, for example with click-to-call links and interactive location maps. You can also take advantage of location-based services, such as Foursquare or Gowalla, to advertise your business directly to the mobile marketplace. The key is to provide enough value in your mobile site or app that you attract interest from busy executives and entice them to call you, text, e-mail or fill our a lead generation form.

There can be little doubt that the business world is rapidly migrating away from the traditional office setting and forms of communication. To be successful, B2B sales and marketing professionals need to adapt to the new norms, and companies need to embrace the new strategies.

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