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Good and Bad B2B Lead Generation Using Telemarketing

We've all had the unwelcome lead generation phone calls from people and companies we've never heard of (and never want to). We've joined all of the do-not-call lists and screamed at the computer voices that keep coming back to haunt us. Telemarketing enjoys the same reputation as e-mail spam and dog catchers, but is it deserved? Are all telemarketers bent on destroying your peace and quiet in the interest of their favorite charity or internet startup? No, not quite. There is a brighter side. Let's compare the two types of telemarketers.

Bad Telemarketer

Calls you day or night regardless (of anything)

Good Telemarketer

Calls only on opted-in people on a well-researched list. Only people who are interested and available are called.

Bad Telemarketer

Sounds like a robo-marketer reading from a boring script. Doesn't listen and is very pushy.

Good Telemarketer

Highly trained in building relationships via telemarketing. Asks if it is ok to speak right now. Is polite and listens to what you have to say. Attempts to help you solve problems that are relevant to your situation.

Bad Telemarketer

Attempts to mislead you into buying - tries to get the sale at any cost. Refuses to take no for an answer.

Good Telemarketer

Wants to work with you and is willing to be patient. Understands the buy cycle and seeks to build trust first, answer questions and qualify you as a customer. Not necessarily trying to close today, but if the opportunity is there, will handle it professionally.

Bad Telemarketing

Bad telemarketing is all about noise - getting people's attention by disrupting their daily lives. Bad telemarketing is universally frowned upon and in many cases, it's illegal.

Good Telemarketing

Good telemarketing for B2B lead generation is a proven way to generate high probability sales leads and assist in increasing sales revenues. Good telemarketers know about the dark side and work hard to earn the trust of the people they call. Good telemarketing works because it's a one-on-one, personal connection, even for a few minutes. A good caller works hard to help you rather than sell to you.

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