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Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Strategies

There are many ways to generate qualified sales leads, but some are more effective than others. As social media appears to dominate marketing these days, are offline lead generation strategies becoming obsolete? We don't think so. Here are our top 5 B2B lead generation strategies.

1. Business Referrals

your clients are your best source of new business. They know you and how well you perform. They have used your products and/or services and are familiar with both the benefits and perceived weaknesses. If you have paid attention to their needs via customer service and stayed in touch on a regular basis, you stand a great chance of gaining new customers and repeat business. Some good ways to nurture your client base include sending monthly newsletters, blogging on a regular basis, participating in forums and social networks and hosting client events or user group meetings

2. Professional Networks

Face-to-face meetings are still one of the most effective ways to sell. Participation in industry and community networking events, both online and offline is a great way to spread the word about your business and find new customers.


3. Inbound Marketing 

Regularly blogging and producing other relevant content for your industry can establish you as a thought leader and attract regular visitors to your website. You can capture them as sales leads via sign-up forms for free downloads and webinars. You can measure the effectiveness of different offers and target specific verticals or regions.


4. Cold Calling 

Still a very effective method if used right. Your inside sales or telemarketing team can research you target market and find decision makers, then set appointments for sales calls. This approach can be very effective at finding qualified sales leads and reducing the time wasted on unqualified leads.


5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

The modern day equivalent of the Yellow Pages. If people are searching for your products or services, chances are they are perusing the first Google search results page. Combined with effective content marketing, SEO techniques can help your company to climb in the rankings and improve your visibility online.

There are other tried-and-true B2B lead generation strategies, including forming business partnerships, direct mail and e-mail marketing, media advertising and participation in trade shows, but the above five have been shown to have the highest lead conversion rates and the lowest cost per lead.

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