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Is Telephone Lead Generation a Thing of the Past?

According to an Econsultancy study last year, 81% of all sales leads were generated through various online methods, such as search engines, e-mail marketing and social media. Despite the trends, B2B telephone lead generation is still alive and kicking. When was the last time your CEO participated in Twitter or opened his/her own e-mails? Are they likely to search for your products or services in Google, or is that someone else's job? There are still important business niches that are resistant to Internet marketing and may require the personal touch of a phone call to generate leads.

Example niches best approached by telephone:

  • C-suite executives and busy business owners
  • Government services employees and executives
  • Companies where social media is banned or restricted
  • Industries, such as healthcare, governed by strict online policies
  • Foreign companies sensitive to language and customs

Consider also the ubiquitous smart phone. Everyone has one and everyone is connected by phone 24/7. This means that decision makers may catually be more available by phone than by any other means.

With the goal of reaching out to prospects and setting appointments, B2B demand generation by phone can be more effective than internet marketing provided that a good niche is targeted and that:

  1. An experienced team of telemarketers is assembled
  2. A high quality list of prospects is procured or researched
  3. An effective script is prepared stating the value proposition
  4. A CRM system is in place to document calls, capture leads and set appointments

When it comes to sales and marketing, there is no single solution that works best in all cases.

Despite the trend towards online methods, B2B lead generation by phone still has a place in your sales strategy. Knowing your market and the habits of decision makers should determine the appropriate mix of online and offline tactics.

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