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Three Sales Problems, One Solution

Every business, regardless of size or industry, sometimes faces difficult sales problems.  Whether you need ongoing support or short-term help addressing a specific issue, working with a sales consulting firm may be your best solution.

Problem:  You’re a new company with a great product, but you don’t have a clear sales strategy.

Solution: hiring a sales consulting firm gives you access to proven sales and marketing professionals.  They can help you develop the right plan to introduce your company and products quickly and successfully, avoiding future sales problems.  You can take it from there or continue to partner with the firm, getting help with every aspect of the sales cycle, including:

  • Targeted implementation tactics and success metrics.
  • Lead generation through follow-up.
  • Reporting and analysis.
  • Collateral marketing.

Problem:  You’re looking for additional investment, whether from a bank loan or venture capital. Or you’re ready for an IPO.

Solution:  You have to look and be smart to attract investors.  A sales consulting firm can help ensure you are fully prepared to show your business in its best light, without obvious sales problems. Ask yourself:

  • What’s your current position? 
  • Are you reducing expenses and otherwise controlling costs as effectively as possible?
  • How bright is your future likely to be?  Will you be able to build on your strong track record to sustain and grow your business?

Experienced professionals know what investors are looking for and can make sure you’re doing things right.

Problem:  You’re pretty sure you should be using new technologies along with your existing sales and marketing efforts.

Solution: A sales consulting firm has experience working with new technologies. Partnering with a consulting firm gives you immediate access to those in the know. It can help:

  • Identify what makes sense for you.
  • Determine what can be implemented immediately and what can be added later.
  • Develop the strongest messages and delivery methods.
  • Save time and money by avoiding trial and error.

With working with a sales consulting firm, you’ll get top-notch expertise to tackle virtually any sales problems you're facing, and you'll be able to reduce costs and save time. All of which will help get your business up to speed.  

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in July 2011 and has been updated for accuracy and relevancy.

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