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Agile Sales Force Took Kit

Mansfield Sales Partners, the leading provider of strategic sales consulting in North America, announces the release of a new tool kit “Business 2.0 – Creating the Agile Sales Force”.  Markets are changing rapidly pushed by technology and mass migration of consumers to online shopping and social media. The economic climate is challenging for any business, and successful companies will find new ways to find qualified sales leads and convert them to customers more efficiently. In 2017 and beyond, sales teams must adapt their strategies to embrace change in the way their teams are organized and managed according to this new tool kit.

This tool kit explores tools, tactics and strategies to build an Agile Sales Force in any organization. “The challenges facing any company in today’s business environment are daunting.  Improving sales performance while controlling costs requires a new approach based on the ‘lean’ or ‘agile’ models originally developed for high-tech industries.” Sales and marketing must be aligned in a closed loop, and information must flow easily to team members both inside and outside the traditional office. 

The tool kit addresses the definition of the Agile Sales Force, the types of Agile Sales Force Members and the  Agile Sales Force Toolkit.  According to the tool kit “The Agile Sales Force will take advantage of automation technologies and social media.  The technical knowledge and social media savvy will produce sales leaders of the future”.

For more information, contact Mansfield Sales or click here to download the white paper.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in July 2011 and has been updated for accuracy and relevancy.

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