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Common Sales Force Problems — And A Solution

Sales force management is a challenge for any size or type of organization.  From tracking performance to adequate product sales training to personality conflicts, sales problems can be a handful for any company.

When a new product or new market is introduced, sales problems can increase exponentially.  Companies should take a hard look at their sales strategy and consider how it may change or be introduced to new markets or products.  Likewise, the sales plan should be reviewed routinely to make sure goals are still aligned and the sales team is rigorously pursuing those goals. Consider these issues and see if they resonate with you:


  • Does a new market or product affect the current sales strategy? Are you equipped to handle the introductions?
  • What is the training plan for salespeople?  Is training applied on a scheduled basis? Are you managing this well?
  • Should a different sales strategy be used for each new market or product? Can your team develop this?
  • Is the sales force adequately staffed to take on new markets or products? And can you afford new employees if not?
  • Does the sales force use technology to its advantage?  Or is there a fear of technology? Is this bogging you down?
  • What kind of tracking is used — if any — to measure sales force performance?
  • Are commission programs aligned to the sales strategy? Or is this even a consideration?
  • How does the sales strategy fit into the company’s overall strategic plan? Or does it?

Reviewing or implementing a sales strategy can be time-consuming for a business, especially when so many other business challenges need to be addressed.  Likewise, supplementing the sales force can be a significant challenge — and expense.  

If sales management is a problem in your organization, consider partnering with a sales advisory firm.  Mansfield Sales Partners can come in and develop or review your sales strategy, and then provide seasoned experts that will give any new or existing sales effort a jump-start on the right track.  Contact us today to find out how we can get you on the right track.

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