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The Impact of Smartphones on Sales Force Productivity

In principal, smart phones and mobile CRM apps may revolutionize sales force productivity by enabling reps and executives to access and manage critical sales information anywhere, anytime. The question is, are sales forces adopting smartphone technology and putting it to good use?

Allison Howell asked this question in a Forum Q & A:

"Do salespeople really use CRM on their smartphones"

Paddu answered:

"Mobile CRM interfaces are getting better. Smartphones go one additional step in reducing the traditional data entry and retrieval interface. For example, salespeople can retrieve and access lead alerts, tap to dial the prospects and the system can automatically log the call. At the end of the call, the sales person can just tap and update the status of the call. With large screen and more integrated features, the usability factor will increase significantly..."

Carlo chimed in:

"I agree with Paddu... Although still limited, CRM mobile interfaces are already useful, and are getting more and more complete. Mobile market is growing a lot, both in terms of devices and applications/usage. I see this as a trend which will continue."

What are some of the top mobile CRM apps available?

Drew Robb recommended several in a recent article:

...and several others.

How can my sales force leverage mobile CRM technology?

As discussed in the Forum Q & A, adoption of mobile technology as a means to improve sales force productivity is in its early stages. As more companies update their sales strategies and upgrade their sales force technology, more data will become available demonstrating the impact of smartphones and crm on sales performance. Certain industries already immersed in mobile technology, such as the mobile industry itself, will undoubtedly lead the way towards more universal use. Early adopters may have a significant advantage in increased productivity, improved conversion rates and fewer lost opportunities as their sales forces are better connected and empowered with critical data.

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