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Setting the Sales Hook With Your First Sales Call

"You never get a second chance at a first impression". That's the first law of successful sales, and it's the key to the early stages of pipeline development. Your first call to a prospect is all about relationship building, discovery and setting the "hook". Your mission is not to close the sale, it's to get an appointment.

Here is your "to-do" list for your first call with a sales lead:

  • Ideally, contact your lead via phone or in person
  • Tell them who you are and what you do to solve their problems
  • Ask them about their biggest challenge(s)
  • Establish preliminary qualification (are they in the ball-park?)
  • Encourage a business level discussion before getting into the details
  • Find out who will be the decision maker, or whether there will be multiple decision makers in a team approach
  • Try (hard) to get the decision maker(s) involved early
  • Establish interest in further discussion
  • Make an appointment now, set a specific date and time

Here are some helpful tips for making your first call a success:

  • At the beginning, apologize for interrupting their work, but tell them why it will be worth their while to talk for a couple of minutes
  • Be personable but professional, not “salesy”
  • Ask questions, wait for answers
  • Don’t do all of the talking
  • Don’t “wimp out” on getting the appointment. This is the main goal.
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