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Fundamentals of Improving Your Sales Performance

Today we are publishing our How to Capture Leads and Close Sales, a free download for sales professionals everywhere. We have created this cheatsheet as a desktop resource with time-tested tips for moving leads down the sales funnel and closing sales more effectively. We envision this as the first part in a series of helpful performance enhancing guides for sales professionals, managers and executives.

Our How to Capture Leads and Close Sales focuses on the fundamentals of improving conversions from leads to customers. Future releases will highlight key strategies for managing teams and improving overall sales effectiveness.

Our Sales Cheatsheet Will Help You

  • Capture more qualified sales leads via inbound marketing
  • Screen and segment leads to focus on opportunities
  • Research high priority leads and prepare for calls
  • Get an appointment with a decision maker
  • Win more deals by asking the right questions
  • Build releationships and establish credibility
  • Close the deal with a great follow-up
  • Overcome common objections

If you are in sales, you have probably experienced frustration when a good lead ignores you or elects to go with one of your competitors. Our sales cheatsheet provides many of the fundamentals you need to remember in order to avoid these outcomes. 

Download your free copy today.

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