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Enterprise Sales and the Impact of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers businesses a variety of benefits ranging from lower IT infrastructure costs to improved communication and efficiency. Less well known are the potential advantages available to sales and marketing departments. As cloud technology develops and companies like Amazon continue to roll out new services and packages, any size company can begin to realize these benefits:

Reduced Cost Time to Market

For startups and businesses expanding into new markets, building an IT infrastructure to support the new venture has always been a drag on time-to-market and in many cases a prohibitive expense. Especially in the case of technology companies, whose entire product line depends on IT, hardware build-out, software development, customer service and sales support may take many months to prepare. Having an offsite, 100% managed cloud solution for all of these needs can reduce both initial cost and time-to-market by eliminating the build-out and testing phases of the infrastructure. Critical staff can get to work on products faster and roll them out sooner. Sales and marketing teams have a significant advantage over competitors without cloud solutions by having something to sell sooner and by having the right tools in place to penetrate the marketplace.

Entering New Regions and Countries

The cloud solution enables companies to be more nimble and have a smaller footprint in new markets. Having a local office with its own IT infrastructure may no longer be necessary, opening up more flexible options for corporate sales presence, including mobile teams. Cloud computing technology enables remote virtual offices and sales reps to remain connected with management, development and support functions at any time or place via wifi. By sharing common business apps, such as CRM, fewer opportunities are lost and sales performance improves.

Growing the Company

Cloud computing is inherently scalable, enabling growing companies to increase sales and marketing and other functions without significant delays due to planning, purchasing, delivery and training. Company leadership can focus on strategy rather than deployment. Sales reps can focus on closing sales rather than worrying about methodology. As business intelligence and data security applications migrate quickly to the cloud, company IT options will grow, enabling a completely mobile sales force.

How will you take advantage of cloud computing in your company?


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