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How Can CEO's Build a Great Sales Force?

The answer is simple: hire great sales people.

Great sales people are not born; they are skilled professionals who have the right orientation and drive to be the best. The skills, habits and attitudes needed to be a great sales person can be identified and measured. In fact, research has shown that top sales performers score highly on at least 70% of these factors:

Top Sales Performer Skills

  • Customer-centric: Always puts the customer first.
  • Commitment to service: Has the skill and commitment to deliver impeccable service at all times.
  • Organized: Even with the best sales force automation systems, top performers take a disciplined approach to customer relationship management and to the sale process.
  • Self Managed: Motivated to succeed and possesses effective self-management skills.
  • Accountable: Takes personal responsibility for results and does not make excuses.

Top Sales Performer Habits

  • Active listener: Able to pick up non-verbal cues and encourage people to be open about their feelings.
  • Versatile: The ultimate multi-tasker who can readily adapt to the variety of different situations, challenges, and different personalities.
  • Flexible: Thrives on constant change and handles it with ease.

Top Sales Performer Attitudes

  • Interactive: Enjoys meeting and getting to know people.
  • Curious: Always interested in learning new things.
  • Resilient: Able to deal with rejection and overcome barriers, not easily discouraged.
  • Motivated by winning: - A desire for money, efficiency, and return on one's investment.
  • Independent: Committed to controlling his or her own destiny.

But the best sales representatives – people who can truly maximize sales opportunities – have one more important trait – they are entrepreneurs. They are willing to take managed risks and make investments of their time and effort to get a return. The challenge for CEO's is finding and hiring great sales people. A sales consulting team can help you find the right sales people for your company. 

How does your sales force stack up against your competitors?

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