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When Did Sales People Stop Saying “Thank You for Your Business?”

I recently made a large personal purchase that got me thinking about the lost art of saying “thank you”. I purchased a mountain bike, a pretty expensive one as mountain bikes go, and at the end of the sale the salesman neglected to thank me for the sale. After months of research, “test drives” and talking to experts and salespeople, I finally pulled the trigger and made my big purchase. After the purchase, I said thank you to the salesperson for all of the help during the process and I got a “no problem” in return. Even more surprising, the sales rep was standing with the owner of the company.

Apparently, lack of gratitude and common courtesy were part of the culture in this establishment. Since that experience, I have been listening intently after making purchases from other personal purchases to larger investments for my company and this practice seems to be prevalent in today’s business world.

In an economic climate where existing customers are gold and new business is always a battle to acquire, shouldn’t something as simple as expressing gratitude be the tip of the spear in any sales process? Just saying “thank you”, makes your customer feel appreciated and good about their decision and can lead to valuable referral and repeat business down the road.

How does your company and sales team thank your customers for their business?

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