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10 Ways to Increase Sales Revenue

No matter time of the year, it is always a good idea to consider a revised sales growth strategy. Sales consulting firms are experts at sales performance optimization. Here are 10 strategies that the top organizations use to increase sales:

  1. Develop a comprehensive sales strategy. Most companies do not have a sales strategy that defines their competitive advantage and differentiation plan, addresses competitive threats and lays out the path to maximize profitability.
  2. Deploy resources where they will generate the highest return. One of the most common sales performance issues is diverting top performers’ time from sales to customer service and administrative tasks. Aligning your team to maximize their productivity can result in significant sales gains.
  3. Improve lead quality. The first step in accelerating new customer acquisition rates is to provide sales representatives with high quality leads and top prospect identification.
  4. Institute an effective sales training program. It is essential to invest in building your sales force's abilities and constantly improve their sales skills and product knowledge to meet changing demands. Without adequate training, sales performance will lag potential and you will not maximize sales revenue growth.
  5. Identify the most effective sales processes and spread them across the sales organization. Find out what your top performers and top competitors are doing to succeed, and distribute these tactics and habits across your entire sales organization.
  6. Deploy more effective sales techniques. Solution selling and relationship management drive improved sales results.
  7. Collaborate. Add partners who can help you achieve speed to market, mitigate risks and make your company's product offering more relevant. Consider everything from strategic vendor partnerships to a sales consulting firm that can expand your market reach.
  8. Integrate multichannel sales efforts. Many sales organizations are aligned by channel rather than by customer. Consider realigning sales resources to improve efficiency.
  9. Evaluate sales compensation programs. Compensation programs are directly related to performance but not all programs are equally effective. A holistic approach to incentive compensation is usually the most effective way to drive overall company sales growth.
  10. Evaluate every member of the sales team and replace weak performers with sales professionals.

There are many strategies with the potential to drive sales growth but all of these strategies are most effective when they are part of an overarching plan to achieve your sales goals. The best sales consulting firms develop a unique, overarching approach to increase sales for each client. Just like the sales outsourcing pros, your organization should strive to create a comprehensive sales growth plan.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in November 2010 and has been updated for accuracy and relevancy.

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