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10 Ways to Lose Qualified Sales Leads – Without Even Trying

One of your greatest assets is qualified sales leads, but many sales leads get lost. No one responds, because no one notices, or they end up in the wrong place, or no one has time. There are thousands of excuses, but the result is the same, sales are lower than they should be.

Every company loses some qualified leads, no matter how well they manage their leads. But some companies lose sales leads in very basic ways – that can easily be avoided.

Here are 10 ways we have actually seen otherwise well-run companies literally leak qualified sales leads.

  1. Customer Service Roadblock: A buyer wants to make a purchase from a company. The first number she finds is a toll-free customer service number. When she calls and asks for a number to talk to a sales rep, she is informed that this number is not available. The buyer goes online and finds another company to fill the order.
  2. Online Form Goes Nowhere: The buyer finds a beautiful website, reviews the promotional copy and is interested in placing an order, but she has some questions. She completes the online form requesting more information. The form goes to someone, somewhere, but there is no response. The buyer gets bids from 3 other companies.
  3. Secret Phone Numbers: The buyer wants to contact a company to get a bid. She goes to the company’s website and discovers that there are no phone numbers listed. She calls toll-free directory assistance and finds that the company does not have a toll-free number. She moves on.
  4. Unanswered E-Mail: The buyer sends an email to the address listed in a business directory inquiring about the company’s products. The E-Mail is out of date and goes to an unattended E-Mail account. No one ever responds.
  5. Phone Message Gets Buried: The buyer calls the company’s sales department and leaves a message. The receptionist promises a sales rep will call back but the message gets buried on someone’s desk. No one every calls the potential buyer. It is found 3 months later in a pile of paper on the former sales reps desk.
  6. Phone Tag: Everything seems to be working right. The potential buyer calls the sales department and gets to the right person. The sales rep takes the information and promises to call back with a quote. But the sales rep fails to get complete contact information and only has a mangled email address and a phone number. A game of phone tag ensues and the buyer does not get the bid in time to consider it.
  7. Territory Questions: The buyer contacts the company and requests a bid. No one is sure who "owns" this account and the request goes unanswered. "I thought it was his account…"
  8. Too Many Cooks: The buyer contacts a large corporation about a complex RFP. The order involved products from three divisions. No one is sure who should respond to the RFP and it goes unanswered.
  9. Wrong Rep: The buyer contacts the sales department and is directed to a sales rep. Unfortunately, this rep does not have expertise in the products the buyer is interested in purchasing. Rather than pass this lead on to someone qualified to handle it, the rep tries to respond and is completely ineffective. The buyer selects another company’s products.
  10. "I'm Too Busy": The buyer contacts the company and is directed to the #1 sales rep. He takes all the information and has a great call. The buyer is predisposed to purchase from the company. But the sales rep is really swamped and never gets back to the buyer. He’s just too busy.

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