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Without a Sales Process, Success is a Roll of the Dice

We have all heard the stories about how a sales rep made a huge sale to someone that they just happened to sit next to on an airplane or met at a social event. They were just in the right place at the right time.

But can you really be successful without a sales process? Can you really depend on haphazard luck? Can you integrate internal and external sales functions if there is no process? Can you be sure that your sales team is following up with on leads without a lead management system? Can you maximize sales from existing customers without any customer relationship management tools?

The answer to all of these questions is "no"!

Don't let a few lucky wins deceive you – they will happen with or without a sales process. But you will never beat your competition depending solely on luck and instinct.

A formal sales process enables oversight and real sales management, and is essential to successful selling. A sales process allows you to maximize sales and better utilize your sales team. It also makes it possible to fully integrated outside vendors into your sales process – vendors who can supply qualified leads, assist with new market entries, provide sales support and lead follow-up services and so on.

If you want to win consistently and frequently, you need a sales process

No one would ever expect to win a football game without training, proper equipment and a highly-developed playbook. Why should sales be any different?

If your sales team is properly trained, has great tools and has a playbook of winning plays, they have the best shot at winning. When the real pressure is on, they will know how to execute flawlessly and professionally. Not only will your company win more often but your sales stars will be more likely to stay with your company.

Sure it’s fun to end up winning a football game with a lucky pass, but it is much more rewarding to have a winning season and win the championship with an unbeatable team and plan.

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