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Sales Strategy: Are You Going to War With Your Customers?

War Stories. Think about the words often used to describe sales: battle plans, price wars, market conquest, and so on. We sit down over drinks and share "war stories". We discuss new market entries like we were getting ready to invade another country. But sometimes, we seem to forget who we are at war with.

  • Never go to war with your customers.
  • Never let your sales team go to war with each other.
  • Never lose site of the fact that you are trying to beat the competition.
  • Convert your customers into allies

Convince your customers that you are allies in their battles with their competition. That is a sure way to win their confidence and forge a long-term relationship.

Don't let sales competitions turn into battles

Sales competitions are a great way to motivate your sales team. But design the competitions so that you strengthen your sales team and avoid creating battles. The last thing you want is to have an internal war zone where your own sales reps are working to derail the co-workers' sales success.

Focus your resources on winning the real war

The real war is with your competition. Build your plan carefully so that you don't just win a few battles but you win the war. Work to focus your entire organization on executing with precision so that you win.

Most importantly, use powerful sales tactics with care.

For example, do not engage in a price war you cannot afford. Once you fire the first shot in a price war, it is very hard to retreat and almost impossible for your competition not to respond. And if your competition tries to engage in a price war, spend some time determining if you really need or want to follow suit. Sometimes it really is better to lose a battle in order to win the war.

What are your favorite war stories from your sales strategy?

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