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Justin Gramajo

As Vice President of Sales at Mansfield, Justin works closely with clients to develop and strengthen sales strategies and messaging, build brand recognition, develop a strong pipeline, and increase revenue.

Recent Posts by Justin Gramajo:

The Key to an Effective Cybersecurity Sales Strategy

At its most basic, a sales strategy is all about demonstrating to your market that your product or service can fulfil a need. And yet, even when your product is good and the need is urgent, there are numerous reasons why a potential customer may walk away. Among them, is simply a breakdown in effective communication.

The New CISO: Handling Threats and Finding Solutions

The role of a chief information security officer is constantly evolving – and so is the digital landscape and the potential for threats to data security. Ensuring data security day in and day out can feel like walking a tightrope while net sellers below keep trying to nab your attention. In other words, it’s a big responsibility.


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