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Jennifer Hunt

As Executive Vice President & COO at Mansfield, Jennifer helps clients build the processes and sales operations infrastructure needed to manage and measure growing sales teams. She also manages all internal operations for Mansfield, improving internal processes, managing sales teams, and acting as a primary communications channel for clients.

Recent Posts by Jennifer Hunt:

Sales Operations: A CEO's Secret Weapon for Doubling Sales Growth

Over 40 years ago, Xerox established the world's first sales operations unit: a dedicated team to help salespeople sell faster, better and more efficiently. Their job? To take on activities such as forecasting, sales planning and territory design. Or in group leader J. Patrick Kelly’s words, “all the nasty number things that you don’t want to do, but need to do to make a great sales force.”

Your Sales Playbook: Key Elements to Include

Our recent consulting work with several firms has reminded me of how critical it is for organizations to have a well-defined sales process documented in a sales playbook.

Sales Process: Why You Need a Playbook

We're all salespeople, at least to some extent. Every negotiation we enter into, both personally and professionally, requires us to convince other people and convert them to our side of the table. Some of us are better at the sales process than others. Is salespersonship an innate quality? Something we're born with? Or can we learn how to be effective at selling?


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