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3 Ways to Drive B2B Market Share with Less Risk

As your organization begins to set goals for 2021, it is important to explore how you can generate more sales without sacrificing your team’s bandwidth and resources. Working with an outside sales consulting firm makes it possible to reach your objectives with less risk. Outside sales consultants offer specialized tactics and tools that inside sales teams don’t have in their toolbox. Here’s how an outside sales consulting firm can help your company drive B2B market share with less risk.

(1) Scale your team.
Sales teams are motivated and incentivized to reach specific quotas as a measure of success. Even with reward-based programs, keeping sales professionals on track with their goals is challenging. In addition, expanding your sales growth by bringing on additional full time employees can pose big financial risks if you fail. By hiring an outside sales consulting firm, you can expand your sales team at will, reach your goals and minimize the risk for layoffs all at the same time.

(2) Operate with the mindset that time is money.
Working with an outside sales consulting firm enables you to explore different strategies, determine which work best and then relay those learnings to your sales people. This type of information is also invaluable for sales leaders and managers when designing a sales acceleration strategy. When outside sales consultants do the bulk of the work, fewer resources are used. This leaves more time for other ventures and reduces risk. Being able to freely test strategies, hypotheses and innovations without bogging down your people opens doors for other opportunities. Consider outside sales consultants as a buffer. To minimize your organization’s liability, they figure out what strategies work before your team applies them in the real-world.

(3) Harness the power of fresh perspectives.
By hiring an outside sales consulting firm, you get the opportunity to work with experts who bring fresh perspectives to your strategies and goals. Collaborating with an outside sales consulting firm results in increased market intelligence/data, access to an unbiased perspective and poses minimal impact on resources, which equals less risk.

Organizations that leverage outside sales consulting firms have a competitive advantage. Don’t know how or when to leverage outside sales consultants? Contact our experts to learn more about how we can support your B2B market share efforts.

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