Who We Work With

At Mansfield Sales Partners, we work with growing technology companies that want to expand their sales footprint, open up new markets and territories, and accelerate revenue growth in advance of building out their own internal sales staff.  

We primarily focus on three types of companies:

Smaller, rapidly growing technology companies

We work with a number of funded, post start-up companies that are ready to ramp up revenues and also want specific market feedback and sales metrics to insure smarter hiring decisions. Our experienced sales teams get early reference wins, generate revenue and accelerate pipeline growth in assigned territories, allowing growing companies to leverage centuries of combined experience, relationships and training to jumpstart the sales effort needed to achieve revenue targets.

Non-US based technology companies

A number of clients whose headquarters are outside the US have called on Mansfield to help them bring their products and services to the US market. We act as their US sales organizations, helping them quickly establish a sales presence in the US without the commitment needed to build a distributed U.S. sales force. We fill the pipeline, generate revenue, and get the reference wins they need to help them better understand how to successfully scale their operations in the US and Canada.

Larger, established technology companies

Often, larger companies have new services they want to bundle, an acquisition they want to integrate, or new products they want to sell, but they want to make sure their internal sales teams stay focused and don’t get distracted by these new product or service offerings. That’s where Mansfield comes in. We help large companies test the waters by developing objective sales data on new products and services and then determining the best ways to integrate these into their existing sales portfolios. Then, the internal sales force has the information, pipeline and sales data that they will need for immediate success.

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