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Thought Leadership Council by Mansfield

Access to the security solutions you need without the sales noise

The Thought Leadership Council by Mansfield is a program designed to bring together influential leaders from within the information security community, both buyers and vendors, to redefine and enhance the buyer-vendor process.

There’s a disconnect between CISOs and cybersecurity vendors.

The growing demand for cybersecurity has created a competitive market, with thousands of companies competing against each other to pitch their security solutions. As vendors fight to earn face time with CISOs, CISOs fight to stay afloat, sifting through thousands of calls and emails from vendors.

With limited time for meaningful vendor evaluation, vendors must deliver the right messages—the messages that speak to the business’s needs, not the product’s bells and whistles. Through the Thought Leadership Council by Mansfield, we are helping to solve these challenges for both buyers and vendors. 

What’s the solution?

The Thought Leadership Council is managed by the Council’s Executive Director, who is responsible for controlling the feedback loop between buyers, vendors and investors within the security community. This means, as your partner, we:

  • Collect relevant market insight from industry peers and security professionals who are building strategies which address an ever-changing threat landscape.
  • Establish partnerships with the world's most innovative companies that are creating solutions for emerging challenges in the security market.
  • Manage vendor assessment and pre-qualify providers before they are ever introduced to our council members. All vendors go through the Mansfield due diligence process to ensure value for our members.
  • Work closely with approved vendors to help improve business messaging and ensure the right information is communicated to the right people, and that it is delivered in a format that best aligns with your buying/evaluation process.

As a member of the Thought Leadership Council by Mansfield, you’ll be able to offer valuable insights, share ideas and discuss your top concerns. Together, we will work to re-imagine the dynamic between buyers and vendors, and encourage an important evolution in the information security market place.

If you're interested in learning more about the council, please fill out the form on this page and select your area of interest.