A Different Kind of Sales Consultancy

Our Approach.

Our sales consultancy stands apart from other firms in its commitment to providing individualized, research-based recommendations—no cookie-cutter flowcharts or recycled reports here.

We’re also unique when it comes to the caliber of our sales professionals. Every Mansfield client works with a dedicated, fractional VP of sales, who oversees the engagement in accordance with your goals and priorities. Our sales management executives are long-time veterans of the industries we serve—specializing in the technology and information security markets.

Our teams start with a rapid-assessment of your current sales environment.  We then develop a custom playbook to optimize your sales tools, messaging, methodologies, and partnerships. Throughout the process, we supply additional resources to test—and stress—recommended sales strategies.

In support of each consulting engagement, sales support teams can be deployed as a temporary extension of your in-house sales department. These teams are available to test new products or markets, develop a qualified pipeline, and close deals faster.  We find that outsourcing in this way can substantially lower the risk associated with building a sales team before you’ve gathered objective market feedback.

How can our sales consulting team benefit your organization? Here are just a few of the ways we collaborate with clients:

  • Filling gaps in the sales organization during various stages of growth or transition
  • Assisting the CEO and Board of Directors with identifying and recruiting sales leadership
  • Creating sales job descriptions, recruiting, setting KPIs and quotas
  • Establishing a channel strategy, directing business development activities, generating activity in new regions and vertical markets (without distracting the in-house team)
  • Refining brand messaging, managing lead generation campaigns, and helping with the sales process
  • Facilitating CRM deployment and customization
  • Alignment of sales compensation plans with business objectives
  • Restructuring a sales department after M&A activity
  • Sales training and executive coaching
  • Providing pre-transaction assessments of sales departments (pipeline reviews, sales scorecards, etc.) for private equity investors
  • Providing post-transaction support during portfolio integration
  • And much more…

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