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Rapid Revenue Growth

dramatically increase revenuesChallenge: Achieving Explosive Sales Growth

Your goal for the next few quarters is rapid revenue growth through sales. Your sales team has hit their "ceiling" and doesn't have a viable plan for meeting your objectives. Augmenting your team with fresh talent and leadership will take too long and cause you to miss short term targets.

Solution: Sales Force Outsourcing

We provide an experienced team of sales executives who are familiar with your market and ready to execute your short term and long term sales plan. No recruiting or training necessary. We scale the team to meet your objectives and focus 100% on achieving them. We take responsibility and accountability for rapidly growing your sales, reporting results on a regular basis and meeting your deadlines.

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Challenge: Preparing for Financial Milestones

Is your company ready to take the next step in its financial growth via a funding round, IPO or M & A transaction? Venture capitalists look at a number of valuation criteria, but one of the most important is sales growth. Can you demonstrate sustained, rapid revenue growth and market share over time? Have you been able to successfully enter new markets and roll out new products? How efficient is your sales and marketing team in capturing sales leads and converting them to customers? If your performance is less than stellar in these areas, you may present an unacceptable risk to a potential investor or buyer or suffer lower than expected valuation.

Solution: Sales Force Outsourcing

We understand the impact of sales performance on valuation, funding rounds and exit strategy. We deploy a sales team ideally suited to achieving your financial milestones. Our sales force outsourcing teams are hand picked senior sales executives familiar with your industry and ready to start producing improved sales results from Day 1. We focus on strategy first, then quickly transition into execution. Unlike most sales outsourcing services and call-centers, we take responsibility for your sales plan and its execution.

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