Sales Outsourcing for Non-US Companies

Mansfield acts as the US sales organization for non-US based companies who want to bring their products or services to the US and Canadian markets.

We are a reliable partner that understands global sales initiatives and can quickly establish a sales presence in the US without the massive commitment needed to build a distributed US sales force.  We test the market, establish reference customers, grow revenue and build the pipeline needed to better understand the best strategies for penetrating the US market.

Sales outsourcing gives international companies a full-service sales force with:

  • No recruiting fees.
  • No moving or housing expenses.
  • No long delays associated with researching and building a US sales team.

We have deployed US sales teams for dozens of international companies. Our teams of sales executives are based in the US and fill the pipeline, create a portfolio of reference accounts in each region or market, and get revenue deals they need to help clients understand how they're going to scale in the US marketplace.

Challenge: Rapidly Expanding Into Multiple US States

You have established a "beachhead" for your company in a major US city, such as New York or Los Angeles. How do you expand outward into other states where your products or services may become popular? Each US region needs a distinct sales plan based on the markets, economic climate and market focus of that area. You need to build a "buzz" in each region. Businesses may be reluctant to work with or support an international company without a strong US presence.

Solution: Sales Force Outsourcing

Mansfield’s sales force outsourcing teams can help you develop a comprehensive US sales strategy and execute your plan to rapidly gain market share in major US markets. We understand the challenges of expanding from a single US market into multiple markets. We know the appropriate sales techniques for each market. We know the companies you can partner with for distribution and support and are available as your local resource for prospect management, lead follow up, and customer support.  

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