Sales Outsourcing for Large Companies

Sales outsourcing can be a low-risk strategy for established companies who are breaking new ground. When done the right way, sales outsourcing can help larger companies bring new products to market or test market reaction to a new solution or strategy without distracting the in-house sales force from meeting its current revenue goals.

For years, Mansfield has worked with larger companies that are trying something new – whether they’ve recently gone through an acquisition, have developed a new product, or are thinking of bundling its services in a new way. Prior to launch with their global sales teams, they want to go out and try to sell it to see how it will be received in the market, collect reference wins, and better understand the tools and messaging needed for immediate success. That’s where Mansfield Sales Partners comes in.

We help large global technology companies develop the advanced information they need to integrate these new products and services into their portfolios in a number of ways. We focus on:

  • Collecting and using objective sales data about the target market
  • Building a strong pipeline of prospects
  • Winning key reference clients

Then, once the product or service is established, the company can scale its in-house sales force to accelerate sales.

To find out if your company can benefit from working with Mansfield for a new product or service, contact us.

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