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Sales Outsourcing for Emerging Technology Companies

Tech entrepreneurs know that revenue growth is the key to survival. Yet few have the tools in place necessary to hire the right sales talent in the early days to help the company grow without breaking the bank or frustrating the sales executives.

Sales outsourcing, when done the right way, can help a young company grow while keeping expenses predictable. Here’s how working with Mansfield Sales Partners can help you quickly assemble a seasoned sales staff that can accelerate time to market and revenue growth:

Get the right sales resources at the right time

In any given sales organization, there are four primary roles:

  1. The hunter, who finds your potential leads
  2. The qualifier, who pursues and scores the leads the hunter finds
  3. The account executive, who closes the qualified leads
  4. The sales manager, who manages the team and implements the needed sales strategies

Not many emerging tech companies can afford to hire four different people and keep them all busy while they get their business off the ground. Sales outsourcing allows you to timeshare those roles, getting the very best talent to suit your needs when you need it.

Conserve cash and spend wisely

Many tech startups and small companies have limited free cash flow. Sales outsourcing can help you conserve cash and make your expenses more predictable. Early on, you can invest more heavily in “top of the funnel” functions and over time change the mix of your spend to include those in the middle and bottom of the funnel.

Base your sales decisions on research, not a “gut feel”

Sales outsourcing can help you take a methodical approach to understanding how best to market your products and services. Mansfield’s sales team has the deep experience to use research to speed up the sales process and shorten your sales cycle.

Free up Leadership’s time

The CEO of a tech startup needs to focus on core competencies, which are likely in the areas of product design, engineering, innovation and development—not sales. While technology sales is critical to the growth of the company, it is best left to those who understand its complexities.

Reduce your risk

Working with a sales outsourcing company like Mansfield, with our deep experience in technology sales and strong track record, is a lower-risk approach to winning market share and building a sustainable sales pipeline than doing it on your own.

To find out if working with Mansfield is right for your emerging technology company, contact us.

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