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NeuEon brings collaborative technology consulting to companies that aren’t yet ready or well-positioned to recruit full-scale CIO/CTO teams. NeuEon’s Fractional CIO service has been extremely helpful to rapidly growing businesses that want strategic oversight around their IT decisions.  Their CTO service is designed for technology firms—often with non-technical founders—to provide guidance on product development and technical processes.


Government Sales Specialists is the largest and most experienced government sales outsourcing company, having generated hundreds of millions in sales for their clients over their seven year history. GSS is a full-service outsourced sales and business development firm, founded to address the need for companies to either enter the government market, or for those that have a presence, increase revenues dramatically. GSS is staffed at the executive level by some of the most experienced enterprise class sales personnel. The executive level is, in turn, backed by an experienced group of account executives, inside sales representatives and researchers. This organizational structure provides for efficient identification, qualification and closing opportunities for our clients.


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