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Sales Outsourcing Reduces Operating Costs

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sales and marketing outsourcingConsulting LLP, clearly illustrates the growing trend toward outsourcing. The survey respondents came from all industries, including financial services, technology, media, and telecom, had varied revenues, and represented both global and domestic organizations. The diverse representation lends substantial weight to the survey's findings.

While the survey found that outsourcing of all kinds is expected to increase, there is a 22% projected increase in sales outsourcing and marketing outsourcing specifically. Why are so many diverse companies, both big and small, turning to outsourcing? Companies decide to outsource for many reasons, but when asked which objectives were either important or very important during their most recent outsourcing initiative 87% said reducing operating costs, 73% said improving customer service, and 49% said gaining a competitive advantage.

With the goals of reducing operating costs, improving customer service, and gaining a competitive advantage at the forefront of the outsourcing trend, it's not hard to understand why outsourcing sales is becoming an increasingly popular solution. Sales force outsourcing offers:

  • Rapid time-to-market and market penetration
  • Rapid exploitation of new markets and verticals
  • Increased lead generation and conversion to customers
  • More efficient use of manpower and resources
  • Lower cost-of-sales and higher ROI
  • Increased sales revenues and profits

While the Deloitte survey did not distinguish between full sales force outsourcing, an integrated sales team, project sales, or functional/task sales outsourcing, all four types offer significant advantages and are gaining popularity.

To read the full survey, click here.


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