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Global Sales Outsourcing for International Expansion to US Markets

Posted by Chris Foran

sales outsourcing for international growth Many technology companies look towards international expansion by entering the US market but are unsure about how to approach or to plan for this strategic global sales initiative. There are many factors to consider such as where to focus, how to gain traction, the competitive landscape, and what sales channels to use.

Frequently, the US market is very different than home or other regional markets.  US companies look for several items when considering purchasing a solution from a vendor based in Europe or abroad. These factors range from longevity and financial stability, existing customer references, and the ability to support them from a technical perspective. They also want to be able to meet their vendors periodically so that they don’t feel isolated, which can be difficult, distracting, and costly to do from afar.

Speed is also a factor when expanding into US markets, this is because there are usually entrenched competitors from both the US and abroad. Quickly building sales pipeline, closing deals, and securing customer references are keys to establishing an early presence in the US market. The ability to have resources, who understand the technology, market, sales channels, and customer contacts, readily available can be the key to the speed and success of a sales expansion effort.

One option that international companies can consider is global sales outsourcing. This approach can greatly reduce the risk, time and cost associated with an expansion effort while offering local knowledge, expertise, and access to prospective clients that are critical to quickly finding early “lighthouse” customers. An experienced outsourced sales team that has a track record of helping international vendors can be an excellent way to establish an early presence in the US Market.

There are many proven reasons for international companies looking to enter the US market to outsource their sales including:

  • Reduce and control operating costs
  • Improve company focus on core activities
  • Gain access to world-class sales capabilities
  • Free up internal resources for other purposes
  • Accelerate lead generation and pipeline development
  • Eliminate the time and energy needed to run a sales team
  • Make capital funds available for other investment
  • Reduce risks 
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