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Strategic Transformation: Outsourced Sales Force Models

Posted by Greg Dunne

sales force outsourcingIn our earlier post we covered two  of the four basic sales force outsourcing business models, project sales and functional/task sales outsourcing. In this post we are going to outline the other two types of typical sales force outsourcing business models, full sales force outsourcing and integrated sales team.

Full Outsourced Sales Force 

This type of sales outsourcing is also referred to as "Lead to Close" outsourcing because, in this model, a third party becomes a company's sales force. This can be a very effective and efficient way to accelerate growth and reduce sales and marketing expenses. The expense of hiring, training, and supporting a sales force is outsourced, saving the company money and increasing sales productivity. In full sales outsourcing the third party provider is focused solely on selling one company's products and/or service and are fully accountable for their actions. The outsourcing firms provide regular reports on sales results, pipeline status, and other activities that benchmark revenue generation and customer relationships.

Integrated Sales Team

This model is the newest in sales team optimization and requires corporate employees and outsourced sales force members to be fully integrated into one organization. Using a strategic outsourcing analysis to look at the entire sales and marketing operation, an outsourcing strategy is devised to optimize in-house and outsourced functions. Achieving the company's sales and marketing goals in the most effective and efficient manner is the ultimate goal.

Sales force outsourcing, regardless of which model it follows, is growing in popularity. Reducing the costs associated with in-house sales and marketing while increasing effectiveness and efficiency make sales force outsourcing an attractive option and a growing industry.

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