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Three Tips for Developing a Sales Growth Strategy

Posted by Greg Dunne


sales growth strategyDeveloping a sales growth strategy can seem like a taxing challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Gathering information about your market,  clients, successes, and failures often intuitively leads to a better understanding of how to shape your sales growth strategy. For example, if your marketing and sales strategy relies heavily on print ads, but you find that your target market is doing more and more research and hiring online, then you can safely assume that beefing up your online presence should be part of your strategy.

These three tips can help you gather the information you need to shape a new sales growth strategy.

Honest Assessment

Before trying to overhaul your sales strategy, take time to look at your performance over the last year or so. Honestly consider things like:

  • Missed opportunities
  • Lost clients
  • Unplanned successes
  • Changes your competitors have made and their success or failure
  • Trends in the market place

Get a new perspective

You're clients can be a valuable asset. From your client base, chose clients who you have a good working relationship with and reach out to them. Ask them if they have any changing needs, if they are using any new resources to find vendors, why they decided to do business with you in the first place. You can also pole new clients and ask them simple questions like how they found you. Are trade shows bringing in customers, or is  your growing online presence attracting attention?

Break it Down

Break down your clients and prospects into manageable categories, such as:

  • Customers who already own or utilize one of your products or services
  • Prospects who utilize one of your competitors solutions
  • Prospects who do not utilize your solutions or your competitors

Once you have these categories defined, brainstorm how to reach each of them.

Once you have done all of your homework, you can begin to put together a sales growth strategy. You may find you need to be branching out into new markets, or that you need to beef up your website. Don't be afraid to try new approaches and strategies. If you do have some hesitation about diverting your sales staff's time and resources, you could consider outsourcing your sales. If you decide to try entering a new market or implementing a new approach, an outsourced sales team can test the waters for you.

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