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Does Outsourcing Save Money? Sales Outsourcing is Cost Effective

Posted by Greg Dunne

sales outsourcing is cost effectiveHow much does it cost to hire a new salesperson? Aside from the monetary costs of a new hire, which are not insignificant, there are a lot of intangible costs. Each new salesperson you hire will have ramp-up time where they are learning your business, products, and their role in the grand scheme of things. Training a new salesperson takes away valuable time from your existing staff as they train and mentor. This lowers the ROI for both the new hire and your existing staff as opportunities are missed, deals are lost, and productivity declines.

And this is assuming that your new hire works out. If you end up hiring a salesperson who isn't a good fit, that brings with it a whole new host of costs. You could be risking customer complaints, lower sales team achievement over all, and decreased ROI as a result. Then there are the costs of termination and the effects on morale, as well as inadequate coverage of your markets as you again try to find someone to fill the gap.

These costs and risks are inherent in every new hire, and are a necessary part of a growing business, however there are times when they simply aren't worth it. Limited engagements and new product roll outs can be times when additional sales people are need, but may not be necessary long term. Rather than incurring the risk and cost of acquiring new in-house salespeople, outsourcing sales to a trained and professional sales staff can be the answer.

Sales outsourcing can help you penetrate and succeed in new markets while leveraging the newest and best strategies. They also save you the cost of salaries, benefits, and free up your own staffs time. The next time you need to increase your sales staff, consider the benefits of sales outsourcing.

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