Why Sales Outsourcing is the RIGHT solution to growing your sales:

  • Sales outsourcing lowers your risks and increases your ROI of sales investments
  • Outsourced sales management saves you time and eliminates training and turnover costs
  • We free up your resources to focus on what you do best and leave the sales to us
  • Streamlined complete sales process management including demand generation
  • Our industry experts and experience open doors otherwise unavailable to you

"BrightSign worked with Mansfield Sales Partners to help us build out our channel program in North America. Their seasoned team helped us to build pipeline and drive significant revenue through our many partners."

--Jeff Hastings, CEO, Brightsign

"Mansfield Sales Partners has helped us to continue to develop and increase our US pipeline with their inside sales programs"

--Richard Birchall, Business Development Manager, SAI New Technologies

"We retained Mansfield Sales Partners to help us restructure our product and services portfolio, create new market penetration strategies based on that revised portfolio, build our sales team and provide sales resources to increase..."

--Gregg Stempson, President Creative Business Concepts

"Data2Logistics retained Mansfield Sales Partners to rapidly build pipeline, drive deals and shorten our sales cycle. They applied an experienced team to the project, engaged our team to learn about our industry..."

--Gerry Burns, CEO, Data2Logistics

"Mansfield Sales Partners has helped some of our portfolio technology companies to build and increase their sales and business development footprint in the North American market."

--Enterprise Ireland

"Since the time I first met Greg Dunne years ago while he was one of my clients, to when he founded Mansfield Sales Partners, the level of professionalism and sales skills have been some of the best I’ve encountered in my 30 years in sales..."

--Mark Hogan, CEO, Government Sales Specialists, LLC

"Mansfield Sales Partners has provided an experienced sales team who has created, and helped to execute, a strategy for revenue growth and sponsor penetration. By generating and managing new sponsorships..."

--Timothy Garon, Publication & Event Management, (ISC)2 Events

"Mansfield Sales Partners has worked with us to achieve our desired goal, increasing revenue by expanding the number of sponsors, value and quality of ITPG's sponsor programs and offerings..."

--Marc Thompson, Executive Vice President, ITPG

"Mansfield Sales Partners was a great help during our transition from a leading information security services company specializing in Incident Response and e-Discovery, to a company that offers both services and a compelling product in this market..."

--Kevin Mandia, CEO, Mandiant

"Mansfield Sales Partners has done well in helping PixAlert to validate our messaging around the serious issue of managing illicit image abuse in the corporate workplace in the US market."

--John Nolan, CEO, PixAlert

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